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Freedom Park, Pretoria, South Africa
International Architectural Competition for Design of the Museum, the Garden of Remembrance and Memorial on the hill Salvakop in Pretoria, South Africa: 2003

Pretoria, RPA
Trust Parku Wolności, Ministerstwo Kultury i Sztuki RPA
Study area
Museum useful area
Garden area

Form of Freedom Park complex grows from a direct relationship with the surrounding landscape and the shaping of the hill Salvakop. It’s aesthetic appeal and in particular of the Museum building refers to shapes, materials , colors of decorations produced by generations of native people of South Africa. The five level museum building is located beside the access road and extends up to the place of Congregations along the north side of the hill , giving from its terraces views in all directions. Space museum has been subordinated to the axis of Kruger , along which was located the main vertical communication , while the exhibition area is located around two spatial patio , strung along the axis , connected with evacuation staircases and elevators. Presentation of the exhibition showing the 3.5 billion year history of South Africa was organized so as to explore in any direction and to limit exploration to selected parts of the museum . Garden of Remembrance in a simple geometric form extends from the Monument falling until Amphitheater surrounded by the distinctive landscape of hills Salvakop . At the top of the hill , at the intersection of the two axes of composition was placed Monument commemorating the history of the country and its struggle for independence. Its form resembles the rising sun with its rays radiating in all directions forming the shape of the elephant tusks , which is part of the new face of South Africa and the significant symbol of the country. Meeting place in the form of wide and long square is located in the northern part of the hill at the foot of the monument and is to serve the organization of celebrations on the occasion of important national holidays. The final element of urban composition is an Amphitheater designed for organizing performances, located on the south elevation of the hill. Behind the stage and the proscenium is completed Garden of Remembrance crowned with Monument. Four-story office buildings are situated at the foot of the hill , near the access road and are divided functionally into two separate parts connected to spacious patio - administrative part and housing reserve surface.