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Development concept of quarter "Foksal" in Warsaw: 2002

kwartał ulic Nowy Świat, Foksal, Skarpa Wiślana, Al. Jerozolimskie, Warszawa
Gmina Warszawa - Centrum
Study area
Built-up area

Quarter of a downtown limited by the streets Nowy Świat, Foksal, Skarpa Wiślana , Al. Jerozolimskie is characterized by buildings and urban space of multi- cultural values of this area of Warsaw and its historic downtown . Inside urban quarter beside the buildings of Nowy Świat street, Foksal and Smolna is now a messy space , filled partially with rebuilt or reconstructed outbuildings, workshops and trade pavilions made after World War II. Communication service of the quarter runs through the Foksal and Smolna streets, but existing alongside functions as residential, retail and commercial office space are equipped with an insufficient number of parking spaces. In this area is situated the suburban railway station PKP which after future creation of railway bypass for inter- district passenger service could become a very important transfer station synchronized with tram and bus lines of Aleje Jerozolimskie and Nowy Świat street. It was decided to improve the existing transportation system by entering inside urban quarters public string pedestrian and ride along with the entrances and departures from the underground parking spaces , the number of which is limited by the existing historic buildings. Adopted composition axis in an east - west with the said string pedestrian strongly determines development of this quarter. An integral part of the established urban plan is adopted and consistently led greenery - perpendicular to string of green of Skarpa Warszawska. The planned openings on the Skarpa Warszawska and the promenade - arcades along the escarpment along its whole length , require not only a point of visual interest (the valley of the Vistula ) as well as functional , and therefore proposed around the existing tower building on a slope big youth and entertainment center ( galleries, pubs, bistros, cafes and restaurants, clubs , disco, billiards , etc. ) with full accessibility from the promenade . In addition to the axis of Aleje Jerozolimskie from both sides ( at the entrance to the railway station ) was established program associated with the functions of the National Museum - in both series of buildings composed on the arc is proposed organization of temporary exhibitions , museum exhibitions and occasional, related to catering service , web service (in conjunction with other museums in the world) , and the program and spatial composition suitable as a background for summer outdoor music. The project refers its scale and nature of the facades to the surrounding XIX/XX century buildings. Only south frontage of Aleje Jerozolimskie buildings corresponds to the broad avenue of the buildings in opposite (National Museum , the Stock Exchange ) and the harmonization of the height and scale of buildings quarter Smolna - Foksal takes place at the height of Smolna Street. As part of the activities leading to the restoration of the proposed area proposes a series of intimate spaces that are the backdrop for the interior landscaping - fountains , sculptural accents , benches , flower beds and other items that will create a high standard of spatial and architectural creation writing unique atmosphere of this part of the capital.